Top Five Flooring Designs For Your Home

Flooring is one of the major parts of our home as it serves a wide array of need and requirements. A good looking floor can add a value to your home and marble. Marble flooring can make a difference between the visual look and the finishing of your home.

It should be attractive and glorious. While designing your home it is very important to consider the marble flooring which perfectly suits the home setting and decor.

Top Five Flooring Designs For Your Home

Top Five Flooring Designs For Your Home

Marble flooring is one of the primary element that comes in your mind while designing your home.  If you are planning to buy a marble flooring option for your design space here is the five of the top marble flooring looks that could perfectly suit your need and requirements while designing your home.

This complete guide will help you to give flooring idea to build a gorgeous home. Marble flooring comes in Vivid colors, patterns, quality and versatile cost options as It can withstand all weather. You can install Marble flooring tiles of varying shades – black, gold, ivory and beige.

There is a wide array of marble flooring tiles are available in stores, with in color, finish, texture and overall look. So you need to find out which marbles flooring will add to the beauty of your house.

Top Five Flooring Designs For Your Home

Glazed Marble flooring

One of the Most Popular Marble flooring tile is Glazed or Polished marble flooring. This marble tile gives an intensive and polished shine to floor. This Marble floor tile is a widely used flooring material due its high durability and attractive look.

It helps to emphasize the flooring tile’s value by making it look cleaner and clear. These kind of flooring tiles are easy to maintain and clean and gives magnificent and timeless look to your home. If you want to give luxury ambience to your home this marble flooring is an excellent choice.

Top Five Flooring Designs For Your Home

White marble flooring

There is nothing pretty much classier than white marble floor. White marble offers a lavishness appeal to any space. It is one of the premium quality flooring material in terms of looks and pricing. The best part about white marble flooring is that it can be styled and designed as per the desires and description.

It is prized for its high gloss, high polished finish and pure white elegance that is hard to achieve with any other flooring material.  It provides smooth appearance and offers natural elegance. It has been used in many architectures, sculpure and buildings to for ancient time.

Top Five Flooring Designs For Your Home

Italian Marble flooring

If you are planning to add a unique texture to you floor, then you can choose the Italian Marble flooring as. Italian marble is a most popular marble in all over the world for its shining, quality and durability. Also it is easily available in domestic and international market with reasonable price.

Italian marble floor tiles designs are mastered with a polished finish with an authentic texture. Italian Marble comes in various range and shades such as black, gold, ivory and beige.

You can buy these marble floor tiles in both glossy and matte finish. Italian Marble flooring is very easy to to maintain but it requires little care. It perfectly matches with stylish textures and designs that suits with artistic feel and appearance of your space.

Top Five Flooring Designs For Your Home

Grey cloud marble tile flooring

Grey marble floor tiles are durable tiles comes with a modern look which coordinate very beautifully with other natural marble and stone products. It is featured by its grey color  tone in a dramatic raised texture. It can be used for indoor flooring which gives a sense of classiness and adds the beauty to your home.

It has been verified its popularity due to its easy maintenance with simple care and ease of installation than other stones. It is extremely durable and resistant to burns scratches and chipping.

Top Five Flooring Designs For Your Home

Ceramic Marble tile flooring

If you have been thinking to install flooring that requires water proofing surface, then ceramic marble tile is the best flooring option you can choose. These tiles are versatile and durable and can be installed in any part of your indoor and outdoor flooring.

It comes I in various finishes such as embossed, matte, glazed and textured. It truly works in any room of the house. It is mostly used in kitchens and bathrooms as well as outdoor area of the house. It is most durable flooring options as it requires very little maintenance. It offers the glass like shine when polished.