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Top 10 Granite Companies in India-Granite Exporters & Manufacturers

Granite Companies in India

Are you looking for granite companies in India? This post will help you find out details of the best granite supplier, reviews, products, location, etc. Granite is one of the most popular building materials in India. The country has a long history with granite, which can be seen in buildings that date back hundreds of years ago.

It is the second most mined stone in the world after limestone and it’s no wonder why so many companies are investing heavily into this material. It’s important to find a good granite company that can meet your specifications and deliver on time with high quality.

How to Choose Top Granite Companies in India for Your Next Projects in 2023

It is important to choose the best granite company for your next project as quality plays an important role in this industry. If you are looking for a cheap product then you can take the help of online portals but if you want high-quality products only then go offline and talk with granite companies personally.

  • The company should have good customer reviews.
  • A granite company that manufactures products in-house has the upper hand over others as they can deliver a quality product
  • The price of granite should be affordable
  • You should always buy polished granite as it looks more elegant and luxurious when compared to other options available in the market.
  • The company should have a good delivery system so that the product reaches your doorstep without any damage.
  • If you are looking for 100% authentic granite, it is always better to buy it from the right source.

It would be best if you worked with the best granite company with good customer reviews & quality assurance. This article has compiled a list of our top 10 granite companies in India. Take a look at these amazing businesses and find your perfect match!

1. Mahaveer Marbles India (The Granite Exporter & Manufacturer)

Mahaveer Marble Granite Companies in India Logo

Mahaveer Marbles is one of the most well-known granite companies in India. They are a family-owned business in the industry for over decades. Mahaveer Marbles exports its products to over 15 countries and is known for its high-quality granite.

We have been in the market for the past 50 years and have delivered quality stones to customers with high satisfaction. You can check out our amazing reviews from customers on google maps. We have our processing unit with a 1 lakh Sqft Production capacity and over 50+ shades to fulfill customer needs. We have over 5000+ Satisfied clients!

Red Ruby Granite

Range of Granite & Colors

Mahaveer Marbles India deals in every type of granite and mainly focuses on manufacturing Rajasthan granite the names of products are as follows:

  • Black Pearl Granite
  • Coin Black Granite
  • Cat Eyes Granite
  • Rajasthan Black Granite
  • Kothrada Black Granite
  • Gem Red or Ruby Red Granite
  • Chima Pink Granite
  • P White Granite
  • C White Granite
  • Black Markino Granite
  • Fish Black Granite
  • Green Granites

There are a lot more granite products available that are 100% fresh and ready to deliver. Mahaveer Marble India also deliver the granite online if anyone is not willing to come and want to order they can directly place the order on our website (we are the first online store in India that supplies marble & granite to customer desired location)

Contact Details:


Contact: +91-9142334233 (For Fast Response)

Address: Makrana Road Borawar, Nagaur, Rajasthan (341502) or Click here for Google Map Location.

Email: [email protected]

2. Rk Marbles

Rk Marbles

RK Marbles is a marble & granite manufacturer they owned their quarry and are some of the biggest granite exporters & suppliers in the world. They are one of the most well-known companies in India and have supplied granite to some of the biggest projects in the country.

Range of Granite & Colors

  • Fantasy Black
  • Alaska White
  • Vouge Brown Ribbed
  • Silver Pearl Granite
  • Urban Beige
  • Black Nebula
  • Crystal White

There are a lot many granite colors that R.K. Marble offers if you are looking to buy granite you can contact them.

Contact Details:

Website: rkmarble. com

Contact: +91-1463-250501

Address: Makrana Road, Madanganj, Kishangarh, Rajasthan, India.

Email: [email protected]

3. Madhav Marble and Granites

Madhav Marble and Granites
Madhav Marble is one of India’s most well-known granite companies, thanks to its high-quality products and amazing customer service. Madhav Marble deals with every type of stone. They have been active for over three decades now with an extensive range to offer customers from all around India alongside tombs too!

Range of Granite & Colors

  • Moon White Granite
  • Viscon White Granite
  • Meera White Granite
  • Kuppam Green White Granite
  • Tan Brown Granite

There are a lot of colors that Madhav Marble offers and the best part is that each slab is unique in its way.

Contact Details:

Website: madhavmarbles. com

Contact: +91-8560899515

Address: Makrana 1st Floor, Mumal Towers, 16 Saheli Marg, Udaipur, Rajasthan, India

Email: [email protected]

4. Neeraj Granites

Neeraj Granites

Neeraj Granites is one of the most famous granite supplier companies in India. They handle a wide range of products and have been serving customers from across the country for years now with an extensive list of reference projects. They offer more than 60 colors of granites at their processing units and working with partner facilities allows us to provide you with on-demand!

Range of Granite & Colors

  • Absolute Black Granite
  • Alaska Red Granite
  • Alaska White Granite
  • Ash Black Granite
  • Coin Black Granite

There are plenty of granite colors that Neeraj Granites offers you can check out their contact page for more.

Contact Details:

Website: neerajgranites. com

Contact: +91-96776-07018

Address: 28/4B, Senkottai Village, Shivganga Main Road, Madurai, Tamil Nadu

Email: [email protected]

5. Classic Marble Company

classic marble company

Classic Marble Company is one of India’s most popular and well-renowned companies. They have a wide variety of marble and granite products that will suit your needs for both commercials as well as residential spaces. The Classic Company has been dedicated to offering a vast range and unique selection Since 1994.

Contact Details:

Website: classicmarble .com

Contact: +91-22 41404140

Address: 15, Bhandup Village Road, Subhash Nagar, Bhandup West, Mumbai

Email: [email protected]

6. Amit Marbles

Amit Marbles

Amit Marbles and Granite is one of India’s most popular stone companies that deals with a wide range of commercial and residential spaces. They have been offering to customers from all over India for 45 years now. Amit Marbles has its name because it provides services related to granite and marble products too!

Range of Granite & Colors

  • Chima Pink Granite
  • Chiku Pearl Granite
  • Apple Green Granite
  • Coffee Brown Granite
  • Cherry Brown Granite
  • Black Galaxy Granite
  • Crystal Yellow Granite
  • Coral Brown Granite

There are a lot of granite colors that Amit Marbles offer. You can check out their contact page for more.

Contact Details

Website: amitmarble .com

Contact: +91 9212736930

Address: Khasra No. 5, Fatehpur Beri, Main Chattarpur Mandir Road, Opposite Hotel Ocean Pearl Gardenia, New Delhi

Email: [email protected]

7. Aditya Stonex

Aditya Stonex

Aditya Stonex has been one of the best granite companies in India that provide services related to marble and stone. They have a wide range of products available for customers from around India for the last three decades. Aditya Stonex is known for its quality, service, performance, and timely deliveries! They are based in Udaipur which has long been known as the Western State for its granite industry

Range of Granite & Colors

  • Tan Brown Granite
  • Rosy Pink Granite
  • Lakha Red Granite
  • Imperial Red Granite
  • Coral Pink Granite
  • Alaska Gold Granite
  • Cherry Brown Granite

There are a lot of granite colors that Aditya Stonex offers you can check out their contact page for more.

Contact Details:

Website: adityastonex .com

Contact: +91 94141 79114

Address: Sukher Industrial area, N.H. No. 8, Udaipur-313011, Rajasthan, India.

Email: [email protected]

8. Bhandari Marble Group

Bhandari Marble Group1

Bhandari Marble Group is one of India’s most popular companies that offers marble and granite services. This company has been providing customers from all over India for more than 50 years now with extensive experience! They have a wide range of products, including slabs, tiles, vanity tops, stairs & fireplaces.

Range of Granite & Colors

  • S White Granite
  • Indian Black Granite
  • Alaska Gold Granite
  • Rosy Pink

There are a lot of granite colors that Bhandari Marble Group offers you can check out their contact page for more.

Contact Details:

Website: bhandarimarblegroup .com


Address:  Makrana Road, Kishangarh, Rajasthan, India

Email: [email protected]

9. Petros Stonex

Petros Stonex

Petros Stonex is one of India’s top companies that offers marble and granite services. They have their own mines, providing high-quality stones at affordable rates for all customers. With over 20 years of experience, they are now trusted by more than 2000+ satisfied clients!

Range of Granite & Colors

  • African Red Granite
  • Pearl Black Granite
  • Tiger Skin Granite
  • River White Granite
  • Red Multicolor Granite
  • Green Pearl Granite

There are a lot of granite colors that Petros Stonex offers you can check out their contact page for more.

Contact Details:

Website: petrosstone .com

Contact: +91-8446360361

Address: Sr.25, Undri-Handewadi Road, Pune – 411060

Email: [email protected]

10. Aravali Marbles & Granites

Aravali India Marbles & Granites

Aravali India Marbles & Granites is one of the top granite factories in manufacturing & exporter of granite that offers services related to marble and granite. They are based in Udaipur which is known as the city of lakes and has a long history of dealing with these materials. With more than 30 years of experience.

Range of Granite & Colors

  • Double Black Granite
  • Bengal Black Granite
  • Corsair Black Granite
  • Nero Pearl Granite
  • Titanium Black Granite
  • Earth Red Granite
  • Austin Red Granite
  • Paradiso Classico Granite

There is a lot of granite range that Aravali India Marbles & Granites offers you can check out their contact page for more.

Contact Details:

Website:  aravalimarbles .com

Contact: +91-9829446944

Address: 225/9, Sardarpura, Udaipur – 313001, Rajasthan, INDIA

Email: i[email protected]


Mahaveer Marble India is one of India’s biggest and best granite companies. They offer a wide range of products that include both Indian and imported granites. All their products are 100% fresh and ready to deliver. You can contact them for more information or visit their website.

Final thoughts

The list of the top 10 granite companies & manufacturers and exporters in India 2023 is a good place to start when you’re looking for quality, affordable stone. All of the companies on this list have a good reputation in the industry, with satisfied customers all over India. If you’re looking for granite for your home or office, any of these businesses would be a great choice.

Take your time to browse through the different options and find the perfect color and style of granite for your needs. We hope you find the best granite company in India and this article helps you in your search. If you want more information on any of the granite companies mentioned in this list, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Which city is famous for granite?

Mainly South Area & Rajasthan in India is Famous for Granites

How much does granite cost in India?

The Price Range of Granite Starts from 5o INR to 200 INR Per Sqft.

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