Grey granite is one of the popular and widely used forms of granite that are available in various patterns. Grey granites come with a crystal clear pattern of grey color and which gives a fine finishing. It has a variety of uses such as is commonly used for countertops, stairs, kitchen, wall finishing, floor, etc. There are various types of grey shade granites being traded in the Indian & International market.

Mahaveer Marble Pvt. Ltd. is a marble & granite company that is engaged to offer wide ranges and varieties of grey granites and marble products to customers across the globe at a very affordable price. We provide a complete guide to the customer about the marble and granite products they are willing to buy as per their requirements.

Grey granites are one of the popular varieties of granite stone which is having the quality of long-lasting durability and compressive strength. This granite is usually available with a thickness of 15-20 MM. It has the property of heat resistance and is used for both interior and exterior application. This granite stone is highly used in commercial projects.

We are engaged to provide original quality marble, granite, and Italian products to the clients at the best price. Give us an opportunity to serve you with your desired marble & granite product at the lowest price per sq. ft across India. There are various types of grey granite that we offer to our customers across India & abroad as per their requirements.

There are some features that we want to share with you so that it becomes easier for you to judge the quality of our product. Some of the qualities are the high compressive strength, good shining, ability to be polished to a high shine, provides an incomparable shine, available in several colors and shapes, attractive stone for building, provide a stylish appearance, naturally artistic appearance.

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Chiku Pearl Granite

Features Specifications
Stunning Appearance Maintains Cool Temperature
Constant Pattern & Color High Strength & Durability
Easy Installation Commercial Projects
15mm to 18mm Thickness Fresh Slabs


Sira Grey Granite

Features Specifications
Coarse-Grained Granite Antique Grey Granite
Perfect Choice For Countertops High Strength & Durability
Easy Installation Standard & Bright Color Stone
15mm to 16mm Thickness Fresh Slabs


Steel Grey Granite

Features Specifications
Dark & Light Shades of Grey Inclusions Of Pebble
Coarse-Grained Granite High Strength & Durability
Easy Installation Very Adaptable Surface
15mm to 16mm Thickness Fresh Slabs