8 Facts About Marble Flooring

Here are the 7 facts to understand about marble flooring for all homeowners who are planning to install marble floor on their design project and concerning about it. Marble flooring is more than often the first choice to project classic and contemporary bathrooms.

Its elegant effect is perfect to realize not only floors and walls but also sink and top. Marble has been used for thousands of years in many famous structures and buildings Marble is a most durable stone. It is easy to clean and maintain. Due to its high durability.

It is used for flooring, countertops, as tiles, slabs and many more. If you are looking to install marble flooring for your home, then there are some facts need to know about marble options so Here are 7 facts to know about marble flooring for your home.

7 Facts About Marble Flooring

1. Marble Is a type of Limestone.

Marble is a kind of limestone that is forms using limestone that subjected to a lot of pressure over a long period of time. Marble has a more elegant appearance than limestone. It is used for constructing of buildings, monuments, structures, flooring.

Marble flooring is admired among the people for its beauty, style, and elegance, It has been used for centuries at palaces of kings and queens for due to its luxurious appeal. It does not hold stains or scratches. If you are looking for the floor that is the breeze to clean it is favored flooring option for all kind of design space.

7 Facts About Marble Flooring

2. Marble flooring is found in many famous structures since ancient times.

Marble flooring has been used for thousands of years in Nemours structures, buildings and monuments. The Taj Mahal was made up of marble. It was made by Shah Jahan in the memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz. The Taj Mahal is one among the 7 wonders of the world. There are so many architectures, monuments, and buildings which are constructed out of marble.

7 Facts About Marble Flooring

3. Marble is the most durable stone and easy to clean

Marble has the higher degree of durability which makes it most popular for flooring option. At the same time, it is easy to clean and care. To clean a marble floor, you only need a broom and sponge to clean a marble floor as it looks clean and clear without putting much effort to keep it clean that is the reason. Marle flooring is commonly used in the all public and residential buildings.

7 Facts About Marble Flooring

4. Impurities give marble its unique colors

Marble is consisting of various impurities such as sand, silt, clay and iron oxides which creates layers and pattern in the stone. These impurities are the key component of the marble.  It creates beautiful unique colors.

The color of marble represents the level of impurities present in the marble. That is the reason marble is found in a wide range of colors such as pink, grey, brown, black, and even deep red.

7 Facts About Marble Flooring

5. Versatile and Beautiful

Marble flooring can give the stunning appeal to an interior space. Also, marble comes in multiple colors and in some varieties of the multicolor mix.  It also boosts the appeal of your home space and adds a touch of class to your home décor.

Marble floor Tiles can also be available in various kind of dimensions and size. With its versatility, it will always fit with your décor and the current styles. It can be cut to rectangles, and triangles of varying sizes, in order to create complex mosaic piece installations.

it is also available in the form of blocks, slab.  Marble has the translucent property which makes marble flooring glow in the sunlight.

7 Facts About Marble Flooring

6. Marble is available in Nemours colors

When it comes to beauty and durability, marble is widely known as a leader of natural stones as it is used everywhere around the world in order to bring the elegance and enhance the design of design project. Marble flooring is one of the most luxurious floorings to adds a whole new element of class in a home.

Marble is available in dozens of shades and colors and patterns.  Different types of marble flooring give different looks to your design space.  Each slab of marble has its own unique color and pattern. It has the high polish, silky smooth shine.

7 Facts About Marble Flooring

7. Cooler Looks and Cooler Home

Another fact about marble flooring keeps your home cooler. Marble does not hold heat that is the reason It’s commonly used in warm environments due to its ability to keep a home cooler when the temperature rises.

Marble flooring is a perfect choice for interior flooring and exterior flooring at the same time It looks beautiful and you can change the décor without worrying about replacing the floors.

7 Facts About Marble Flooring

8. Marble flooring is hypoallergenic

Marble floor has a low porous finish. unlike carpeting, marble flooring doesn’t hold allergens, stains odors and pet dander which makes it hypoallergenic in buildings.

People who have asthma or allergy concerns are told to go with the hard surface. So this is the reason which makes it the perfect choice for flooring as it does not collect allergens. Furthermore, it makes easier to breathe

7 Facts About Marble Flooring


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