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Top 5 Tips to Save Yourself from Being Cheated


Marble is one of the most beautiful and natural stones which is used in building construction of residential buildings, public buildings, offices, and many other structures. Due to its many good features like durability and versatile nature, it is used to make flooring, kitchen countertops, and stairs. It is very important to use good quality marble.

There are many ways to check the quality of marble. Here in this article, we are going to discuss Top 5 Tips to Save Yourself from Being Cheated. Before buying marble for your house check the quality of marble properly. Here are some tips in from which you can get a rough idea about the quality of marble.

Put Water on Slabs to Check

Most of the sellers add white powder and artificial colors to the marbles to give a fresh look. Artificial coloring is a huge problem with stones. Stone merchants add white color powder on the marble surface that creates a real look.

You can verify the artificial color by putting some water on slabs if the color goes out, then it is a fake color. Also, you can check its purity by scratching its surface.

Put Water on Slabs to Check

Avoid Loading of Material in Evening

Basically, truck loading is a daily activity in many businesses. Make sure before loading the material in the truck you should have a clear understanding of the material. In the evening you cannot check the material properly that it is felling or cracked material.

Load your material in the morning time to get good quality of the material. Make sure that the loading is done in your presence as the labor at the shop may also load the material which you have rejected and after that, the seller will not take its responsibilities in case of any fraud.

Avoid Loading of Material in Evening

Contact Marble Association in Case of Cheating

Marble Association works for the interests of the marble industry and its workers. It solves all the problems related to marble commercial organizations.

The main aim of the marble association is to provide social security to all the industries’ workers and also smoothen the relations between the workers and the industrialists. In the case of cheating you can contact the marble association president they will definitely help you.

Contact Marble Association

Check Every Slab Before Loading

The first thing is to closely check the material before buying it that is there is any cracks or uneven surfaces, as even the most minor cracks could lead to forming bigger ones and they can also break while installation or after usage.

They keep the first five slabs fresh so the buyer can attract easily. There may be something wrong with the material after those 5 slabs. There is such kind of problem that we can face in the marble market.

Maintain a Gap of 1-2 Days in Your Trip

If you come to buy the marble from another state, then make sure to maintain a gap of 1-2 days in your trip. Suppose you visited the marble market and if you like the material.

And if you gave advance to the seller then the seller will have the idea that this person will go back two days later. The seller will send your material after you leave. In this case, your material may go wrong.


So these all Top 5 Tips to Save Yourself from Being Cheated in the marble market. There are many cases where suppliers cheat buyers with the material. So be aware at the time of buying marble for your home.

There are some factors which you need to take care of correct market price, quality of the stone, and budget. Before buying marble for your dream home check it properly to avoid any kind of cheating.

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