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Why Italian Marble countertops cost is higher than regular marble?

Why Italian Marble countertops cost is higher than regular marble

Italian Marble is one of the best materials which is used inside residential space. It is a natural stone that is used for many purposes. You can easily get 18mm to 20 mm thick slabs of Italian marble. Italian Marble countertops are used to give a unique way to your home. Italian marble is one of the more expensive but its designs and shapes are attractive.

Here we are going to discuss some important reasons Why Italian Marble countertops cost is higher than regular marble?

Thickness: Granite is the natural stone and slab of granite is extracted from quarries. Sometimes to increase the number of product slabs cut into thin pieces. So durability is reducing and this reason leads to broke of the countertops. So the thickness of granite should be good. Only reduce the size if the customer has a specific requirement.

Price may be the effect by some factors which make it higher than the rest. Italian marble is one of the top marble due to its purity, durability, and beautiful white color. This stone is used in many buildings, sculptures, and other works of art made.

Italian Marble  Bathroom

Durability: All the granite does not have the same quality some of the cheapest granite you buy will be the least durable. Durability is made when soft rocks mixed in it to increase the weight without increasing the cost too much. It the purest form of granite which you can buy.

It has some quality features so it is durable as its quality because low granite cracks easily. The main reason for its purity and durability is the way it is formed. The color and boldness of the granite is attractive and unique which gives a more beautiful look to your indoor and outdoor space.

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Country of Origin: If we are discussing the quality of granite then the most important factor is country of origin. Basically, granite is not mad it is extracted. It is formed as the magma below the crust of the earth crystallizes. It is one of the most natural process which happens to form thousands of the year.

Granite is exported and imported over the country from different places. Low-quality granite is also coming from places that are known to have low-quality granite. The most expensive varieties are Italian granite and Brazilian granite because these have the highest quality in the world.

Italian Marble Countertop

Beauty: When it comes to granite it means a lot. Italian marble countertops give a unique beauty to your indoor designing projects. To make beautiful patterns and soothing colors Italian granite is perfect for your home. The price of granite is also depending on the color. It comes simply from the rich stone working heritage of Italy.

All the colors are naturally formed, some of the colors are rarer than others. The color formations id also depends on the minerals and impurities in the granite as well as the natural conditions which lead to the formation of the granite.

Pricing: Italian Marble is available in a huge variety and the cost of Italian marble varies from city to city and vendor to vendor. It starts from as low as Rs. 350 and goes up to Rs. 5000 per square feet, and sometimes more. And the laying cost of Indian and Italian marble are almost the same. This stone is used in the flooring of house, hotels, and countertops.

Italian Marble

Italian Marble Indian Marble
Cost-Effective Pocket-Friendly
Variety of Colors & Textures. Visual Appeal
Excellent Compact Limestone. Limestone
Attractive Beauty Natural Beauty
Better Quality Good Quality
Exclusive Look Objective Look
Light Weighted Heavy Weighted

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