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Types of Onyx Marble, Features and Their Uses


Onyx marble is a different and exotic stone that gives a beautiful and breathtaking impression. It gives a royal and stunning appearance when it is used in flooring and other interior designing projects. There are so many excellent uses of onyx marble. Onyx is available in beautiful different colors.

Onyx marble is known for its rich palette of beautiful colors and appearance. It became a popular choice due to its beauty and elegance. It is easy to use also it is a versatile material that is used to make wall claddings, tabletops, wainscot, and vanity tops.

Onyx Marble

Features of Onyx Marble

Onyx is the part of marble. Onyx marble is the finest quality marble that is used in interior as well as exterior applications. Onyx Marble is available in various attractive designs and colors. Onyx marble is available in wonderful patterns and designs.

  • Onyx marble is the best quality of natural marble.
  • Onyx has a long life its color does not change according to time and neither develops pinholes.
  • The polishing of onyx marble does not feed according to time.
  • Onyx is a type of gemstone it provides a sharper sense to people.
  • This stone is highly durable in nature and resistant to wear.
  • It is a light weighted stone that is available in form of slabs and tiles.
  • Onyx marble has a glazy and smooth surface.

Uses of Onyx Marble

Onyx Marble is used in many places like industrial offices, schools, hotels, farmhouses, flooring in houses, corporate offices, weekend homes, staircases, and skating on sidewalls due to its elegant looks & appearance.

Onyx marble is used in many places due to its stylish look and appearance. Onyx is also used in home floors, tables, and sink base to give a beautiful appearance to your home. Onyx is used in a residential area due to its beneficial features.

onyx marble texture

Types of Onyx Marble

Onyx is available in different colors and textures. This stone is highly demanded in India as well as the international market. This beautiful stone is also used in shopping malls, hotel lobby, and flooring, etc. Now we are going to discuss some different types of onyx marble & Onyx Stone Price.

White Onyx StoneIt is a natural and white-colored beautiful stone with micro-crystalline quartz. It looks amazing due to its gold and grey color veins. This stone is used for commercial as well as residential purposes. This stone mainly used for flooring and countertops. This stone contains natural shining and color.

White Onyx Marble

Brown Onyx Marble: It is one of the most beautiful and attractive stones which is available in brown color. This stone has a unique pattern which’s why it is most demanded for interior designer purposes as well as exterior purposes.

Brown Onyx Marble

Blue Onyx Marble: It is a natural stone that gives a royal appearance also, it is beneficial for health and reduces mental stress. Due to its decorative feature, it is used in the home and workplace. This stone has good structural reliability with a smooth surface.

blue onyx marble

Yellow Onyx Marble: This beautiful onyx stone is a gift of nature. It has unique golden colors with yellowish and honey onyx texture on it. It is mostly used to make unique designs and shapes. This onyx marble is easy to maintain and install.

Yellow onyx marble

Pink Onyx Marble: This stone is also known as lady onyx pink marble. It has pink and green color veins on its white base. This marble has a beautifully light-colored pinkish appearance which adds beauty to your interior and exterior design space.

pink onyx marble

Green Onyx Marble: It has a smooth texture which gives a royal and rich appearance to your design space. This stone has some high-quality features as well as health benefits. This stone has beautiful green waves on it. Due to its low absorption power so it is suitable for outdoor decoration.

Green Onyx marble

Black Onyx Marble: This stone has a beautiful black-colored stone that is used in many types of different projects. It has an exclusive appearance and great texture that can be used for wall cladding, bar top, fireplace surround, sink base.

Black Onyx Marble


It is a natural, beautiful, and translucent stone. Onyx gives smooth and reflective base finishing. Onyx gives a soft and delicate look to your indoor and outdoor space. There are so many shades available in onyx marble.  Onyx marble mostly used in the residential area. It gives luxury and glamor appearance to your home.






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