What is Granite; Varieties,Types, Price, Facts & Use of Indian Granite Stone

Nowadays Granite becomes the material of choice for homeowners for remodelling their houses, kitchen and many more. Being as Emerged Marble Manufacturer and Exporter here we are going to introduce you about the Granite and its Properties for all the homeowners in order to choose the right kind of material for their application.

So Here is the complete guide on the introduction of granite and its characteristics, its specification and its uses that will help to satisfy your curiosity while choosing the material for your home Space. Granite is a natural stone which is formed under the extreme heat and pressure.

Granite Countertop

It naturally resists to heat and Cracks so it can be used for Normal cookware, kitchen knives and cutlery can all be used on granite countertops without fear of scratching the surface. It is utilized to make the monuments and bridges and much other architecture, the granite is utilized as construction material, a dimension stone, an architectural stone, a decorative stone.

It has one more advantage than the other natural stones its colour not gets fade under the sun exposure.  Granite has the property of high durability so can be utilized as a part of counters, washrooms, backsplashes, or floors. granite slabs and tiles are used to make the kitchen countertops, tile floors, stair, and many other design products.


True Fact About Granite

Granite is incredibly hard and durable natural stone that is the reason it is a popular building material. It’s resistant to scratch, heat, and weather which makes it a popular material for making buildings, walls, columns, pavers for roadways, and more. Also, it can bear a lot of weight. Granite Floor Tiles and countertops are extremely resistant to knife scratches, Heat, and acid erosion.

So, it can stand with anything you can throw at it, and the fact is that it’ll remain beautiful for ages (literally!) to come. Another fact is that a granite countertop does not require a sealant is one of the prime Advantage of this stone. In addition to this, its edges come in finished and highly decorative ways that give elegance to your kitchen.

These are the facts why granite can pretty much material for home use. This is the fact the Granite countertops can give your home a very pleasing look.


Varieties of Granite

If you are looking for a tough and high-efficiency tile to give the stylish look to your design space, then you can go for granite. This stone comes in a wide variety of colour and pattern in the form of slabs to make it adjustable to any space. Here is the variety of Granite which can help you with your granite countertop needs.

S.No.Product NamePriceImageFor More Details
1Black GranitesRs. 60-250 per sq. ft.Black Markino GraniteClick Here
2Red GranitesRs. 50-200 per sq. ft.Asian Red GraniteClick Here
3Brown GranitesRs. 60-280 per sq. ft.Chittoor Brown Granite SlabsClick Here
4Grey GranitesRs. 55-300 per sq. ft.Silver Grey GraniteClick Here
5White GranitesRs. 70-290 per sq. ft.S White Granite PolishedClick Here
6Gold GranitesRs. 65-300 per sq. ft.Shiva Gold GraniteClick Here
7Blue GranitesRs. 70-450 per sq. ft.Blue Pearl granite SlabsClick Here
8Pink GranitesRs. 60-350 per sq. ft.Chima Pink Granite SlabsClick Here
9Green GranitesRs. 40-180 per sq. ft.Pista Green Granite SlabsClick Here

Monuments Made Up of Granite

There are numerous Granite Stone buildings around the world. Granite is utilized as a primary building material for the centuries. Granite is the still one of the most durable, elegant and prime Building materials comes in wide ranges of colours. It is prized for its strength and durability.

Here are the names of the most beautiful and world-famous buildings and monuments made up of Granite from around the world and has its own beauty.

Mount Rushmore National Memorial


Mount Rushmore National Memorial is one of the world’s most popular granite monuments dedicated in 1927 situated at South Dakota, USA. It presents the faces of four US Presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt. It is a fantastic granite construction.

The Colossal Red Granite Statue of Amenhotep III


The statue of Amenhotep II was made up of Red Granite located in the British Museum in London.  This statue is enclosure by Giovanni Battista Belzoni and Henry William Beechey in 1817. This imposing head of the statue is made of Red granite

Avukana Buddha Statue


The amazing statue of Buddha found in kekirawa in North Sri Lanka. It is 40ft tall and carved in the likeness of the Buddha which despite both the Gandhara school of art and Amaravati school of art. This statue was made up of the Granite Stone in the 5th century. Also, it has become one of the most popular tourist places in Sri Lanka.

India’s Brihadeeswarar Temple Of Shiva


Brihandeeswarar Temple is made from granite stone. This Shiva temple is built in 1004. It represents the Shiva and classing Hindu dance and a big Nagada. It is one of the best remarkable granite stone structure.

Important Characteristics of Granite

Granite is comprising of many different characteristics that give its every slab a unique and classy appearance with strength and Durability. It is one of the hardest, strongest and beautiful natural stone comes in numerous colour and patterns.

Granite gives the natural beauty which makes it different as compare to the other natural stone. There are many different characteristics of granite that makes it ideal for a kitchen countertop, pathway, bathroom vanity tops, cladding, and flooring etc.


Heat Resistant:

Granite is highly resistant to heat as it does not get melts when exposed to heat. Granite countertops are one of the most preferable heat resistant countertops. It is resistant to heat in the range of between 150 ˚C and 200˚C temperature.


Granite has the high durability which makes it the perfect choice to make the Kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity tops it has the property of fire resistant, scratch/abrasion resistant and water resistant once sealer is applied.

Scratch Resistant:

Granite is one of the Scratch Proof stone available. It cannot be scratched even cut on things such as knife, blade and other appliances. It is one of the hardest stone is available. It does not lose its shine like other stone.


One of the most important characteristics of the granite countertop is it requires low and easy maintenance. Mostly stone requires cleaner to remove the stains from the countertop surface but granite countertops surface is considered to be easy maintenance countertop surface as all it requires clean the surface is rag, lukewarm water.


 Uses of Granite

Each and every smooth surface made up of a natural stone whether it is marble, granite or some other stone. The most likely Granite stone surface is used to make kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity tops. It is the best stone for countertop surfaces that is the r reason granite has many uses due to its unique and useful properties that are quite different from other stone.

People are using granite for thousands of years. It can be used as a construction material, as a dimension stone, an architectural stone, for home décor purpose and also it is used to manufacture a wide variety of products.


Building Monuments:

Granite is the hardest and toughest natural stone is used to make Long lasting structures like temples, gravestones or monuments.


Granite tiles can be used for flooring as it can last a long time and also it is both scratch and stain proof. It adds the great value to your home space.

Fireplace Mantle:

Granite is used to building fireplace or remodels to existing one. It can be used to frame the flames with a beautiful surround. It gives the luxurious appearance to your design space, It is also fire resistant which makes it safe to use.

Bathroom and Kitchen Countertops:

It is one of the most popular choices for countertops or worktops whether it is kitchen countertop or bathroom countertop. It is an ideal choice to make kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity tops as it is waterproof, stain resistant and heat resistant.

One can choose a wide range of patterns and colours that best suit your needs. It is an ideal choice to make backsplashes and bathroom tiles.