White Indian Statuario Marble

    • Approx Price : 145 / -Square Feet

      Product Details :

      White Indian Statuario Marble is one of the unique Indian marble product which is famous for its beautiful flooring texture. Statuario White marble is exported to various Asian countries as well as other countries across the globe.


      White Indian Statuario marble is available in various patterns and designs which gives an elegant and attractive look your flooring, kitchen countertops, and interior & exterior walls.


      Mahaveer Marble Pvt. Ltd. is an exclusive manufacturer of White Indian Statuario Marble in India. We provide the best statuario white marble price per sq.ft. to our customers. The statuario marble has the quality of natural texture with white color.


      This white marble is manufactured using the finest quality raw material and latest machinery technology to reach the customer satisfaction to the fullest. The Statuario White Marble blocks are mined with channeling machines and then transferred to the diamond auto cutting area for the initial process of statuario slabs.


      Nowadays, white statuario marble is highly used for bathroom flooring in the form of statuario tiles. The statuario white marble has the quality of high durability and exquisite shine.


      The thickness of statuario marble may vary in between 15 and 20 mm. Statuario Tiles are available in size of 1×1, 2×2 and various customized sizes are also made available as per the customer demand.


      Mahaveer Marble Pvt. Ltd. has been regularly engaged in dealing with the white statuario marble and provide the best statuario marble price to the customers.


      The motto of the company is customer delight i.e. to meet the requirements of the customer and serve them with the qualitative product at the reasonable rate.


      The statuario white marble flooring texture, patterns, images are provided in the gallery section of the website. You can get the white statuario marble price from our chief sales executive by dropping an e-mail or message.


      Mahaveer Marble is one of the leading manufactures of Statuario marble. You can also check price rate according to marble design.


      Types Available

      Advantages| Features


      Natural Blocks

      Highly Used for Flooring Interior & Exterior Use
      Customized Slabs Original Stone Bathroom & Floor Tiles
      Regular & Customized Tiles Fine Polish & Shine

      Kitchen Countertops & Backsplashes


      Features :

    • Metamorphic Stone
    • Fine Polished & Shine
    • Impressive Flooring Pattern
    • Customized Sizes Available
    • Specifications :

    • Interior & Exterior Use
    • Heat Resistant Stone
    • Elegant Looking
    • Highly Used For Flooring
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