Makrana Pure White Marble

    • Approx Price : 390 / -Square Feet

      Product Details :


      Makrana Pure White Marble is the best quality marble which is mined and manufactured at Makrana (Rajasthan). It is used from the ancient time to made historical monuments and temples. It is a natural white marble stone.


      Mahaveer Marble Pvt. Ltd. will give you the best Makrana Pure White Marble Price across India. We have been engaged in the mining as well as manufacturing of the Makrana Stone since 1972.  It is the oldest and best quality marble in the world.


      Makrana Marble is durable in nature and becomes shinier with time and usage. Mahaveer Marble is the best seller of Makrana White Marble in India. We provide good quality of marble to all clients according to their requirement.


      There is a vast demand of Makrana Marble Stone across India reason being the natural quality of the stone i.e. shine of the stone always remain same throughout the life of the stone.


      Makrana White Marble is perfect stone for long life and beauty. Mahaveer Marble Pvt. Ltd. provides the lowest price of Makrana Pure White marble across India.


      We have supplied the Makrana White Marble to various commercial and residential contractors at the cheapest price across India. Get the best Makrana White Marble Price by communicating to our Chief Sales Executive.


      To get the best Makrana Pure White marble price in India, feel free to make a call at Mahaveer Marbles Pvt. Ltd. We provide you the pocket-friendly range of various kinds of makrana white marbles.


      This type of white marble is well known for its durability also it is easy to maintain. Makrana Pure white marble is used from ancient time to build famous landmarks like Taj Mahal, Victoria Memorial, Hazrat Bal and many temples.


      We provide Makrana White marble in various sizes.  Generally, the thickness of Makrana Pure White Marble is 15-20 mm. It is heat resistance in nature. Makrana Marble is mined from the mines of Makrana (Rajasthan).


      The Taj Mahal of India is a unique example of the Makrana White marble stone. Makrana Marble is a perfect choice for flooring also it gives a beautiful and attractive look to your home. This marble is also used for wall cladding.


      Makrana Pure White Marble is also available in the form of slabs and tiles. You can get the varieties of Makrana Marble flooring designs, photos in the gallery section of the website page. This type of marble gives a perfect white look and smooth surface.

      Sizes Available Advantages | Features Uses Colour & Patterns
      1 x 1

      2 x 1.75

      Elegant Look & Heat resistance Interiors & Exteriors Use Plain White Pattern
      2 x 2

      3 x 3.75

      No Color Fade & Meets International Standards



      Dining Halls, kitchens

      Border Pattern & Pure white floor pattern
      4 x 4

      10 x 10

      High Durability & Strength


      Handicraft Items Linings Pattern & Diamond  Figure
      Customized & Processed Slabs Reasonable Price Stone


      Residential  & Commercial Projects Greyshades & Pinkshades
      Natural Blocks &

      Customized Tiles

      Fine Polished Hotel lobby & holy statues Flower Pattern

      Features :

    • Long Lasting Marble
    • Available at Reasonable Prices
    • Residential & Commercial Use
    • Highly Demand Product
    • Specifications :

    • Elegant Look
    • Meets International Standards
    • Origin From Makrana Mines
    • Easy To Install & Maintain
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