Brown Albeta Marble

    • Approx Price : 550 / -Square Feet

      Product Details :


      Brown Albeta Marble is one of the good quality marble which is mined and manufactured at Makrana. After the mining of the stone, it is moved to the block yard section for further processing into slabs as well as tiles form. Makrana Brown Albeta Marble is one of the best flooring options for the residential as well as commercial projects.


      Mahaveer Marble Pvt. Ltd. is a marble & granite manufacturing company located at Makrana since 1972. We are an exclusive manufacturer & supplier of Brown Albeta marble across India. We have been continuously engaged to serve qualitative marble & granite products to our customers at the pocket-friendly price.


      This marble stone is a calcite stone. It is a milky white marble and also available in grey and panther brown pattern. The stone is available in various forms such as natural blocks, large & small slabs, regular tiles. We also offer customized as well as regular sizes of Brown Albeta marble as per the client’s order.


      Our sales team expert suggests Brown Makrana Albeta Marble as one of the long lasting marble flooring product due to its originality and fine quality. Get the best Brown Albeta Marble price per sq. ft. from our chief sales manager over the call or message. We offer the original qualitative products to our customers at the lowest price across India.


      Mahaveer Marble Pvt. Ltd. is the best manufacturer, dealer, and supplier of the Brown Albeta Marble slabs & tiles in Rajasthan and India. We provide this milky white marble with different figurative design and patterns in grey and panther brown shades, Makrana Brown Albeta slabs, tiles, cut-to-size as per the clients’ requirement.


      Makrana Brown Albeta Marble has the milky white look with different pattern and design in grey and panther brown look. Its whiteness increases day by day. It does not require to repolish it again. This marble is commonly used in the buildings and numerous temples, mosques, churches, and monuments.


      We are committed to providing the superior quality of Brown Albeta Marble at the lowest price in comparison to other sellers across India. We use highly automatic machinery technology to process natural blocks into slabs and tiles form. The size and thickness remain constant when it is processed under the machinery and expert supervision.


      We focus to meet the client’s demand at the best price by offering them the original & qualitative product. Get the best Brown Albeta Marble price from our sales manager. Provide us an opportunity to serve you with the best quality marble products at the lowest price across India.


      Types Available Advantages| Features Uses
      Large & Small Slabs Makrana Mined Stone Archaeological Sculptures & Monuments
      Natural Blocks Original & Quality Tested Marble Highly used for Flooring
      Gang Saw Size Smooth Surface & Fine Polish


      Skating on Side Walls

      & Customized Tiles

      Resistance to Temperature & Weather Stairs Cases


      Features :

    • Admire Eternal Buildings & Sculptures
    • Resistance To Bad Weather
    • Used In Prestige Architecture
    • Very Attractive Stone
    • Specifications :

    • High Tensile Strength
    • Mesmerizing Floor Beauty
    • Fire Resistance
    • Metamorphic Rock
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