Makrana Marbles

Makrana Marbles are one of the oldest and purest marble stone which is known all over the world because of it’s original and finest quality.  We offer a wide range of tested makrana marbles of superior quality to our customers at a very affordable price as compared to other sellers across India.

Mahaveer Marble Pvt. Ltd. is one of the top leading manufacturer, importer, exporter, and exclusive supplier of the Makrana Marbles. Makrana is an urban populated town in the state of Rajasthan (India) which is famous over the globe for the mining & manufacture of marble stone.

We are committed to providing assured quality of white marble product to our clients. Makrana Marbles are available in various size and thickness. Makrana White Marbles is available in various types such as blocks, slabs, regular & customized tiles. Makrana Marble is mined from the mines located in Makrana by using the advanced machinery technology.

India’s most famous buildings such as Taj Mahal, Birla Temple of Jaipur, Jain Dilwara temple, Victoria Memorial of Kolkata etc. is made of Makrana Marbles. This marble stone is also called by the name of Rajasthan Marble. This stone is also available at the biggest marble marketplace of India i.e. Kishangarh.

Makrana marble is highly used in residential & commercial buildings and numerous temples, mosques, churches, and monuments, it can be used for decorative purpose in houses, hotels, corporate offices and Restaurants, western and Indian sculptures, handicrafts.

You should feel free to raise an enquiry call to get the best Makrana Marbles price quotes from our sales executive officer.  We are an exclusive supplier of makrana white marble since 1972. Being one of the leading manufacturers, and exclusive supplier of marble stones in marble industries; we provide the best makrana marble price very low as compared to the other.

This marble is a high-quality marble made up of calcite stone which makes it different from other marble stones found in various mines other than Rajasthan. The makrana marble product is famous worldwide; it is one of the major reason that this stone is highly exported to various Asian, European countries as per the demand.

The makrana marbles flooring gives an elegant and beautiful look to your home when it is fitted and installed with proper care. The stone is composed of Caco3 (calcite). This makes it stronger than other existing marbles.  It has long lasting shine and colour.

Check the Makrana marble price list from the latest price section provided on the page. We offer the qualitative makrana white marbles at the lowest price per sq.ft across India to our customers. One of the best advantages of Makrana stone is that it is resistant to water because it is composed of 98% calcite stone.

Makrana Marbles splits into various categories according to its design and pattern. The following are the exclusive marbles which are mined and manufactured at Makrana.

We have been continuously dealing in all the kinds of Makrana mined marbles to serve the best quality of marble to our clients at the cheapest price across India. The makrana marble is being manufactured at the processing unit of Mahaveer Marble after the mining of the stone.

We use automatic machinery technology to provide accurate and correct size and dimensions of makrana marble to the customers as per their requirements. Once the stone is processed, it is transferred to the factory warehouse for storage and shipment as per the customer’s order.

We promise our clients to provide the top quality of Makrana Marble stone at the best price to our customers. Give us an opportunity to serve you with the best quality of stone at the pocket-friendly price.

  • Brown Albeta Marble

    Approx Price : 550 / Square Feet

      Features :

    • Admire Eternal Buildings & Sculptures
    • Resistance To Bad Weather
    • Used In Prestige Architecture
    • Very Attractive Stone
    • Specifications :

    • High Tensile Strength
    • Mesmerizing Floor Beauty
    • Fire Resistance
    • Metamorphic Rock
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  • Dungri Marble

    Approx Price : 75 / Square Feet

      Features :

    • No Chemical Reinforcement
    • Highly Demanding Marble Product
    • Smooth Finishing & Floor Look
    • Highly Durable & Long Lasting Stone
    • Specifications :

    • Oldest & Fine Quality Marble
    • Maintains Cool Flooring Temperature
    • Original Makrana Based Mines Stone
    • Beautiful Floor Appearance
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  • Brown Dungri Marble

    Approx Price : 70 / Square Feet

      Features :

    • High Quality Makrana Marble
    • Available in Various Patterns
    • Manufactured Using Ultra Modern Machines
    • Glazed Look & Longer Life
    • Specifications :

    • Original Tested Marble
    • Beautiful Design & Colour
    • Fine Finishing
    • Easy Installation & Maintenance
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  • Albeta Marble

    Approx Price : 600 / Square Feet

      Features :

    • Natural Color & Shine
    • Magnificent & Beautiful Appearance
    • Long Lasting Life
    • Quality Tested Marble
    • Specifications :

    • Best Stone For Flooring
    • No Chemical Reinforcements
    • Makrana Based Mine Stone
    • Multipurpose Marble
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  •  Kumari Marble

    Approx Price : 25 / Square Feet

      Features :

    • Natural Color & Shine
    • Easy Installation & Maintenance
    • Available in Regular & Customized Sizes
    • No Colour Change Problems
    • Specifications :

    • Smooth Texture
    • Cheapest Makrana Marble
    • Original Makrana Marble Stone
    • Mesmerizing Floor Look
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