Ultimate Guide of Selecting Marble Flooring For your Home

It is obvious to select the right kind of stone for flooring to give enhance and refresh the décor of your home. But not only stylish and sleek look it should also fit in your budget. So it is necessary to Selection of the right kind of material for flooring for construction or renovation of your home space, office space or any other design project considering the factors like cons and pros of flooring material, the life of the flooring material, Properties of flooring material, design etc.

Ultimate Guide of Selecting Marble Flooring For your Home

Selecting Marble Flooring For your Home

If you are confused to choose marble flooring for your home, then keep reading this article to know the Ultimate Guide of Selecting Marble Flooring For your Home. So stay tuned to this page. It will help you to Selecting Marble Flooring which will be right for your home structure.

To give a perfect and radiance look to your space you should have to pick the right stone for flooring. Marble has been regarded as one of the best flooring options for building applications. It is a long lasting flooring product. It is one of the most beautiful natural stone.

Ultimate Guide of Selecting Marble Flooring For your Home

It has been used for thousands of years as a building material marked by its brilliant features durability, higher compressive strength, long-lasting shine. While marble flooring has many advantages like it’s tough hardness, luxurious look, durability

People choose Marble flooring for its elegant and flawless appearance which adds to the aplenty of beauty to your home space room. Marble flooring has been prized for its use in sculptures since classical times due to its softness, which made it easier to carve, relative isotropy and homogeneity.

Marble is also preferred for high-quality daily use products such as bathtubs, wash basins and statues. People, those are looking to install new floors in their home or business can go through this Ultimate Guide of Selecting Marble Flooring For your Home which should be considered carefully before being purchased the marble for flooring purpose.

Ultimate Guide of Selecting Marble Flooring For your Home

However, Selecting the marble flooring is not a choice that should be taken lightly as it is  one of the most expensive flooring materials available depending on your need and on the type of marble product you choose for your design space as Marble stone flooring is available in a wide range of colors, patterns and designs ranging from white, cream, pink, brown and yellow.

And each individual piece of marble tile is unique and different from another available to fit with the home décor.  So while picking up the marble flooring, you should make sure to consider these all factor the to design your structure.

We have presented Ultimate Guide of Selecting Marble Flooring For your Home with their pros and cons that will help you to pick the right Marble flooring material which suits your need and requirement so that on the basis of these things you can go for the perfect choice for the best marble flooring material.

Ultimate Guide of Selecting Marble Flooring For your Home

If you choose Marble Flooring

Marble is one of the best flooring options. It has been verified the common material choice for designers, architects, and artists for thousands of years. Let’s see the pros and cons of Marble Flooring

  • Marble flooring is available in a wide array of colors, designs, and patterns
  • It offers the very smooth finish as it polished many times to give a long lasting shine.
  • Marble adds to the opulent grandeur when it is installed to your home or office or any other design space.
  • Marble flooring adds a timeless and elegant appeal to your home with many styles, designs, and pattern
  • Marble Flooring offers the long lasting durability

Ultimate Guide of Selecting Marble Flooring For your Home

Cons of Marble Flooring

  • Marble is an expensive product and installation of marble flooring is the costly affair as it requires a lot of hard work to fetch its shine and radiance.
  • It requires a certain amount of care and maintenance as it is an elegant and sophisticated flooring option
  • It is soft and pours stone.

Pros and cons of marble flooring

Pros Cons
Elegant and Attractive Not resistant to acids
Available in variety of colours Can be damaged easily by spills and stains
Unique Textural  Costly
High durability  Soft & Porous

If you choose Granite Flooring Pros of Granite Flooring

  • Granite is one of the most durable and attractive flooring option.
  • Granite Flooring gives an aura of richness to your home.
  • Its water observation capacity is high it is not as porous as marble
  • It looks beautiful, elegant and sophisticated natural stone.
  • It is durable ad easy to maintain.

Ultimate Guide of Selecting Marble Flooring For your Home

Cons of granite Flooring

  • It is expensive
  • It requires Professional installation
Pros Cons
High durability Costly
Easy to maintain Requires professional installation
Available in different designs and varieties
Scratch proof
Heat & sunlight proof
Resistant to acids

If You choose Kota Stone Flooring Pros and cons of Kota Flooring

  • Kota Stone is one of the popular choice for flooring it comes in beautiful colours & high durability.
  • It is available in striking colours such as blue, brown, yellow, black, beige, etc
  • It is hard and tough stone
  • It is cost effective product

Ultimate Guide of Selecting Marble Flooring For your Home

Cons of Kota Flooring

  • It has not enough elegant appearance as marble and granite
  • It is not available in large blocks, tiles and slabs
  • Pros and cons of Kota flooring
Pros Cons
High Toughness Continuous use might result in flaking
 Non-slippery Not available in large slabs
Non-water absorbent Not attractive as compared to marble & granite
Low Cost

Ultimate Guide of Selecting Marble Flooring For your Home

Kota vs Marble Vs Granite stone floors

Here we have listed the properties of common flooring material such as Kota stone, Marble and Granite and have compared them so that you can select the best flooring material to design your home space. This Provided table will help you to give the Ultimate Guide of Selecting Marble Flooring choice for your home flooring.

  Kota Flooring Marble Flooring Granite  Flooring
Price Least expensive More expensive than Kota stone Most expensive
Strength Higher Strength  than marble Least  strength Most Strongest stone
Porosity Less porosity than marble Most Porous surface non porous
Application Recommended for driveways, warehouses areas Recommended for flooring and wall cladding in business and home applications Most suitable for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops
Preference Not preferred for home interior floors Best Flooring material  choice for home interiors and exterior Preferred for countertops, kitchen tops and vanity tops
Maintenance Medium High Low
Design variety less  high High
Shine dull Bright shine High

We hope this blog post on Ultimate Guide of Selecting Marble Flooring helps you to make the right decision to choose the best flooring material as per your need and requirement.