Cream Composite Granite

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      Product Details :


      Cream Composite Granite is used due to its lasting protection. This beautiful stone is used due to its vibrant color and smooth surface. Cream Composite Granite is scratch and chip resistant. This stone has a quality of antibacterial protection.


      Mahaveer Marbles Pvt. Ltd. is one of the best supplier, wholesaler, and dealer of the Cream Composite Granite in India from Makrana. We are engaged to serve various designs and patterns as per the specific needs of clients in a pocket-friendly price.


      It is one of the beautiful and natural stones which is easier to maintain. Cream Composite Granite sinks are durable and long lasting in nature. It is one of the most demanded granite which is used in kitchen countertop.


      Cream Composite Granite is used to make common household products. It is made under high pressure so it becomes nonporous, hygienic, and resistant to heat, stains.


      Mahaveer Marbles Pvt. Ltd. is the largest manufacturer of Cream Composite Granite all over India. We have all kind of sizes and thickness in this granite and we serve the granite as per the demand of customer’s. This stone has the long lasting life and shining of this stone remains the same according to time.

      Types Uses Characteristics
      Regular Slabs Kitchen Countertops High toughness
      Blocks Kitchen Bar & sink Most Durable
      Countertops Worktops Pocket-Friendly Price

      Features :

    • Scratch Resistance
    • Heat Resistance
    • Antibacterial Protection
    • High Quality
    • Specifications :

    • Long Lasting
    • Natural Stone
    • Smooth Finishing
    • Solid Surface
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