Black Granites

Black Granites are the commonly used granite among the wide variety of granites that are available in the market. It gives a premium feel of black color and crystal clear pattern of texture. This granite is sophisticated in appearance and versatile in design and available in blocks, tiles, and slabs. Black Granite stones are highly in demand in India and International market.

Mahaveer Marbles Pvt. Ltd. offers the best black granites price to customers and the quality of the product provided is also superior. Apart from granite, we deal in marble, sandstone, italic, marble tile and onyx stones. We provide original quality marble, granite, imported, sandstones & italian stone products same as per specification we have mentioned and of the best quality.

It is widely used in kitchen platform, wall decorating, in flooring and many uses according to requirement. It gives higher shining when it is polished and it has the property of weather resistance in nature. Black Granites flooring gives an adorable look to any design project. Give us an opportunity to serve this beautiful marble at best Black Granites Price as compared to other sellers in the market.

We deal in a Wide range of Black Granites are as follows


It can be polished to give higher shining, long-lasting luster and many more. It is durable by its nature and can be used for both interior and exterior purpose. We use the most sophisticated advance technology & techniques to ensure a quality of the products and satisfaction of our clients. We believe to fulfil the needs of our customers at a competitive price with better quality.

  • Jet Black Granite

    Approx Price : 180 / Square Feet

      Features :

    • Extremely Affordable Granite
    • Flexible & Adaptable Surface
    • More Appealing For Kitchen
    • Good Quality And Price
    • Specifications :

    • Intrusive Igneous Rock
    • Granular & Phaneritic In Texture
    • Dotted With Subtle Glints
    • Light Scattering Of Dark Grey Flecks
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  • Coin Black Granite

    Approx Price : 130 / Square Feet

      Features :

    • Amazing Background
    • Consistent Color & Pattern
    • Beautiful Decorativeness
    • Incomparable Shine
    • Specifications :

    • Coin Based Round Texture
    • Artistic Appearance
    • Standard Quality Granite
    • Awesome Shine & Finishing
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  • Black Cobra Granite

    Approx Price : 145 / Square Feet

      Features :

    • Exclusive Black Texture Granite
    • Constant Pattern
    • No Change In Shine
    • Original Tested Stone
    • Specifications :

    • Compressive Strength
    • Clear Background Pattern
    • No Holes Found
    • Long Lasting Color
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  • Black Pearl Granite

    Approx Price : 130 / Square Feet

      Features :

    • Uniform Pattern
    • Dark Elegant Appearance
    • Highly Used For Countertops
    • Featuring Flecks Of Silver Mica
    • Specifications :

    • Customized Sizes Available
    • Natural Effect
    • Very Low Maintenance Cost
    • Naturally Artistic Appearance
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  • Black Markino Granite

    Approx Price : 135 / Square Feet

      Features :

    • High Grade Material
    • Beautiful Black Shed Background
    • Durable Granite Product
    • Easy Availability
    • Specifications :

    • Natural Substance
    • Create A Custom Look
    • Seamless Finish
    • Homogenous Texture
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  • Black Galaxy Granite

    Approx Price : 190 / Square Feet

      Features :

    • Pure Black Color Granite
    • Hardcore Material
    • No Change In Color With Time
    • Highly Used For Kitchen Countertops
    • Specifications :

    • High Compressive Strength
    • Attractive Granite For Building
    • Glossy Appearance
    • Smooth Surface
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